Kreger Components, Inc.

Wholesale Stocking Distributor Since 1987
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Kreger Components, Inc. (Authorized Stocking Distributor)


- Celebrating 31 Years In Business -

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


 phone: 1-800-609-8186 or 1-540-389-6565 


All information provided to Kreger Components, Inc. is considered private and proprietary. We have protection in place to protect the information you give us.

Kreger Components does not sell their customer list, or divulge any information given to us by the customer that is controlled and proprietary, unless requested by that customer. We do not divulge our customer's names or information to other customers without written explicit permission from the customer.

We are obligated as an Authorized/Franchised Wholesale Distributor to provide sales statistics to our Manufacturers, including City, State, Zip Code, Quantity Sold, Part Number, Company Name and cost each month. This information is kept private within the manufacturing company and used for commission and statistical purposes only.