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Fair-Rite 75 Material Paper

Fair-Rite has released a new paper with information about Low-Frequency EMI Suppression.  Check it out here:  Fair-Rite 75 Material Paper.

New Low Frequency Suppression Cable Components - Fair-Rite 75 Material


Solving conductive EMI problems below 5MHz is now easier with our new low frequency suppression cores. Optimized for operation from 100 kHz to 5MHz, our 75 material suppression componentsare available in solid cores as well as our Snap-It split configuration. These low frequency suppression cores are used to suppress common mode EMI on internal and external cable assemblies of electronic equipment at frequencies below 5MHz and have a useful range up to 30 MHz. With significant improvements in low frequency suppression when compared to our 31 material, our 75 material provides even higher impedance at even lower frequencies, requiring fewer turns.

Conec IP67 Connectors




IP67 Connectors as individual as their ambient conditions

Whether they are used in traf­fic guid­ance sys­tems, pho­to­voltaic sys­tems, build­ing machin­ery, super­vi­sion cam­eras or off­shore wind farms – mod­ern indus­trial appli­ca­tions place high demands on the con­nec­tors used.

Pro­tec­tion against humid­ity or mechan­i­cal stress are no longer the only sig­nif­i­cant cri­te­ria. Depend­ing on the appli­ca­tion, mod­ern con­nec­tors have to trans­mit high cur­rents for energy sup­ply, man­age high data rates and con­tribute to com­ply­ing with EMC require­ments. CONEC’s port­fo­lio is as var­ied as those requirements:

• IP67 D-Subminiature Solid Body (Stan­dard, High Den­sity)
• IP67 D-Subminiature Com­bi­na­tion Solid Body (Stan­dard, High Den­sity)
• IP67 D-Subminiature (Stan­dard, High Den­sity)
• IP67 D-Subminiature Com­bi­na­tion (Stan­dard, High Den­sity)
• IP67 D-Subminiature Fil­ter (Stan­dard, High Den­sity
• IP67 Hoods and Accessories

With the Solid Body ver­sion of the D-Subminiature con­nec­tor, CONEC has fur­ther opti­mised the IP67. The hous­ing is made of one piece and there­fore offers opti­mal pro­tec­tion in the vicin­ity of high mechan­i­cal stress.

As a spe­cial­ist for fil­ter con­nec­tors, CONEC has inte­grated a low pass fil­ter in the inter­faces pro­tected against cli­matic impact as an addi­tional pro­tec­tion against elec­tri­cal inter­fer­ence. Amongst oth­ers, the patented pla­nar fil­ter tech­nol­ogy patented by CONEC is used. This tech­nol­ogy does not only include a fil­ter for con­ducted inter­fer­ence, but also pro­vides excel­lent shield­ing in the mat­ing area to elim­i­nate inter­fer­ence directly at the inter­face to the inte­rior device.

D-Sub Combination Connectors With Size 22 High Density Signal Contacts

 GARNER, N.C., December 01, 2011 - CONEC, a manufacturer of high-quality connectors, has developed and expanded its combination mixed layout D-subminiature connector family by adding high density (size 22) signal contact layouts.

 "The following high density configurations are now available: 19W1, 15W4 and 45W2, in straight solder pin and solder cup versions," said Peter Persico, technical support specialist at CONEC. "These new configurations provide more flexibility for design engineers who need to get more signal contacts in a small space." Persico noted that other styles are available upon request.

 These types of high density connectors save space and are ideal for applications where power, coax and signal contacts are required. Signal contacts can handle up to 3 amps at 60 volts. The power contacts are rated from 10 amps to 40 amps, and coax contacts are available in 50 and 75 Ohm versions. CONEC combination D-subminiature connectors use high reliability gold plated, copper alloy screw machine contacts.  Insulator material is UL 94 V-0 rated paired with tin-plated steel housings. Other housing materials are available, such as copper alloy (for non-magnetic applications) or stainless steel (for harsh environment applications).  The connectors are ideally suited for applications where high reliability, long life and maximum performance are required.


Richco Cable Clamps

Richco released its MS25281 cable clamps, the NM series. The NM series cable clamps are qualified toSAE AS25281, and are designed for heavy-duty cable management applications. The NM series is RoHS compliant and its cage code is 6B3V9.

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